Wrath of the Righteous

The Worldwound Incursion: Chapter 2

The party pressed on, the only direction they could. Eventually, they noticed the tunnel had turned to fine stonework, and they even spotted some old Dwarven runes indicating a place of shelter ahead. This caused some initial confusion: what was a 100-year old Dwarven enclave doing under the city of Kenabres? Beltak guessed that this particular tunnel outdated the Worldwound, and that Dwarves probably built a place of worship down here, away from the hustle-and-bustle of the city.

And in fact, Beltak finally did spot Torag’s symbol etched into the stonework… but his joy quickly boiled to wrath when the party also uncovered old, rotting corpses and a token with the symbol of Urgathoa, the goddess of undeath and disease.

Opening stone doors in the tunnel revealed a small cavern, in which a small, stone temple had been built… originally for Torag. But to Richard and Beltak’s horror, their worst suspicions were confirmed: Followers of Urgathoa had unhallowed and defiled the place. There were even undead minions loitering, waiting. In a furious rage, Beltak stood as resolute as a mountain, blocking the undead from leaving the cavern, and engaged the undead in combat. Unfortunately, their combined attacks, plus a surprise assault form more venomous centipedes took him down.

His mangled body was dragged to the rear while the rest of the party finished up the combat. Beltak was healed from the brink of death, and learned his lesson. The party proceeded in a more controlled manner. Beltak cautiously investigated the temple itself, and found three more undead waiting by the altar. He shut the door, called the group over and… the undead had fled. Puzzled about where they could have gone to, the group began cleaning up the temple and discussing this latest event.

It was Crystal who found the faint line around the altar. It was on a pivot! Beltak activated it, and the altar swung around to reveal a ramp heading down, underneath. The three rescued survivors were told to wait in the altar room while the party headed down.

Beneath the temple, they found a network of tunnels. After a short time picking their way along the corridor, they came to a room populated with numerous undead, and a large man in Urgathoa’s cult garb with a leathery, raspy voice. “Welcome,” he said. “Now you will die and burn in hell.”

Now it was Richard’s turn to let his anger take hold. He stood in the doorway and engaged the undead, while the cultist threw a bomb. Between Richard’s large frame blocking the doorway, and the fire and smoke in the room, nobody could aid him in combat. Occasionally, Crystal could get a lucky shot in. After repeated calls from Beltak, finally the party used the environment to their advantage, pulling back and allowing the undead to be caught in the choke point.

Though the cultist fled, with a call to his minions to “Finish them,” the skeletons and zombies were simply no match for the party. Still, Richard and Beltak are downright incensed about the corruption of their god’s temple, and the rest of the party are eager to eradicate the cultist and his undead to secure a safe haven for the survivors waiting patiently above.

Once the Dwarven enclave is clear, it will make a great place to rest — and possibly stock up on needed supplies — before the crusaders continue making their way towards the surface.

The Worldwound Incursion: Chapter 1
The Fall

The party awoke in a dark cavern underneath Kenabres, and had to pause for a moment to collect their thoughts and think back on how they got there. They had recently been formed into a brand new unit of Crusaders… just the night before, they were celebrating in a tavern. The next morning was Almas, and they were to march out into the Worldwound immediately after the city’s leadership delivered some speeches.

But the unthinkable happened. There was a massive explosion – a Wardstone had been destroyed somehow – and the Storm King himself appeared. He did battle with a silver dragon in the sky, as demons poured into the city. Chaos reigned, and the ground gave way. As the party tumbled down, down into the darkness, they caught glimpses of the Storm King slaying the silver dragon. Her dying action was to cast Feather Fall on the falling crusaders, saving them from their fall.

And so as they awoke, they sounded off in the darkness:
Hector, a demon hunter. Quiet, but strong.
Crystal, a Changeling Arcanist, serving Torag with her arcane musket.
Richard, an Aasimar Paladin of Torag, wielding a mighty sword.
Beltak, a Dwarven Forgemaster Cleric of Torag.
Cordall, an Aasimar Sorcerer and youngest member of the unit.
Elorien, an Elven Slayer, the unit’s scout.

In the darkness the group found three more survivors: Anevia, a crusader scout from another unit. Her leg was shattered. Beltak healed her as much as he could, but fully repairing shattered bone was beyond his skill — the best he could do was offer a healing potion, bind her leg, and fashion a crutch for her. There was also Horgus, a wealthy nobleman who was way, way out of his comfort zone. He tried to hide his fear behind anger. And there was also Aravashnial, an Elf scholar, who was a caster and a librarian in Kenabres. Unfortunately, the Storm King’s whip passed too closely by his face, thus destroying his eyes and warping his flesh. He was blind… again, Beltak could only administer a healing potion and bandage the wound — more powerful spells would be required to restore his eyes.

The group ascertained that they were in catacombs beneath Kenabres, catacombs that until now had only been rumor. The crusaders encouraged the three survivors to stick together towards the back of the group, with Beltak, Cordall, and Crystal. Elorien scouted ahead, while Richard and Hector led the main group through the caverns.

They collected some gear from among the bodies in the rubble, and distributed sunrods to the three survivors. All the crusaders routinely reminded the survivors that their ultimate goal was to escape to the surface, and make their way to safety. Eventually, Elorien reported that there was a small open space up ahead, where she had seen some movement in the darkness.

The crusaders readied their weapons and advanced. From the rear, Crystal fired off a magic missile towards the ceiling, and the brief flash of light revealed a giant centipede, which fell to the floor and scurried behind some rubble. The group was now keenly aware of a second giant centipede, and engaged fully in combat. Richard was bitten and poisoned. Elorien fired an arrow at the centipede remaining on the ceiling, and it soon became apparent that there were four total centipedes. Cordall let loose with magic missiles, and Crystal let loose with a blast from her musket at one point, showering Richard in goo. The centipedes focused on Richard, knowing him to be weakened from the poison, but could not get any more lucky hits through his armor.

Beltak swung with his hammer, magic missiles and arrows flew, and Richard swung sword and fist alike. Eventually, the centipedes lay broken and smashed about the cavern. The crusaders briefly celebrated their victory as they caught their breath and cleaned off their gear. This was the first time they had been in actual combat together, as a unit, and they were mighty proud of each other.


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